Punishment example sentences

The use of punishment to bring about discipline also needs to be changed.It could also be because physical punishment makes the child angry and resentful; as the child grows up, s/he expresses this anger through aggressive behaviour.If one confesses and the other does not, the one who confesses will get no punishment and her/his confession will be used to convict the other with a serious offence.For example, children whose parents use physical punishment end up becoming more aggressive than children whose parents use other disciplinary techniques.They can also award compensation to the victims and punishment to the violators.Most often it is because if we disobey, some punishment might follow.I promise, if I ever eat sweets with my fees money again, then let a thief's punishment be my punishment.Why does group polarisation occur? Let us take an example whether capital punishment should be there.They may let her/him go scot-free or decide to terminate her/his services instead of imposing a punishment which may be commensurate with the unethical act s/he had engaged in.The person will be praised if the performance is good (reward), or criticised if it is bad (punishment).When you find others also favouring capital punishment, you feel that this view is validated by the public.Based on their responses, divide the class into two groups, i.e. those pro-capital punishment and those anti-capital punishment.In such cases, people conform because deviation from group may lead to rejection or at the least, non-acceptance of some form of punishment.Why do people follow group norms, when the only 'punishment' they may face if they do not, is the displeasure of the group, or being perceived as 'different'? Why do people conform even when they know that the norm itself is not desirable? It seems that the tendency to follow a norm is natural, and does not need any special explanation.She reports her husband as saying to the reporters, “Why do I refuse to be interviewed? Because it is immoral! It is a crime, just as much of a crime as an offence against my person, as an assault, and just as much merits punishment.

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