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Does this imply that management is a profession? To answer this question let us examine the salient features of a profession and see whether management satisfies them.What generates the economic wealth of a nation? What makes countries rich or poor? These are some of the central questions of economics.There were also others who questioned the injustices of the caste social order.The bride's friends ask difficult questions (sometimes about the bride, sometimes just difficult riddles), and the groom must answer with the help of his friends.The communicator may ensure the success of communication by asking questions regarding the message conveyed.This becomes clear if we ask a basic question: Can a party win an election and come to power not because it has popular support but through electoral malpractices? This is a vital question.As the answers to his questions were so different, the king was not satisfied and gave no reward.Some important characteristics of gifted children are : Advanced logical thinking, questioning and problem solving behaviour.Most likely, you would find that different students in the class have given different answers to the above question.Similarly when we ask questions such as why people are different, how they make different meaning of events, and how they feel and react differently in similar situations (i.e. questions relating to variations in behaviour), the notion of personality comes into play.” How are these laws played out in practice? To what extent do they address the concerns of social justice? These are some of the questions that this chapter will now go on to explore.So the question then is: how many major or effective parties are good for a democracy? In some countries only one party is allowed to control and run the government.Is this the right way to promote democracy? Should a democratic country wage a war and invade other countries for establishing democracy there? Does external help work in every case? Or does it work only when the people of a nation are actively engaged in a struggle to make their societies democratic? Even if external intervention leads to the establishment of democracy in a country, would it last long? Would it enjoy the support of its citizens? Finally, is the use of external force to gift democracy to the people in keeping with the spirit of democracy? Think about these questions in the light of all that you have learnt in this chapter.Then, in what way are they different from C3 plants? This is a question that you may reasonably ask.The message very often seemed to say: if you respect the royal figureure, then respect this product; when the product was being used by kings, or produced under royal command, its quality could not be questioned.

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