Ramp example sentences

'' To go along up to the manor house and be received by the owner like an old regimental comrade — that, however, did not please the tramp.The unemployed poor tramped from village to village, and those with uncertain jobs lived in fear of a loss of their livelihood.Rampant food shortages, hoarding, black marketing, adulteration of food and edible oil gave birth to the consumer movement in an organised form in the 1960s.” The tramp took a step forward and struck the table with his fist.The leaves strain toward the glass small twigs stiff with exertion long-cramped boughs shuffling under the roof like newly discharged patients half-dazed, moving to the clinic doors.Deprived of their rights and driven off the land, they tramped in search of work.The tramp manners will fall away from him with the tramp clothes.Overexploitation of resources and deforestation have become rampant to fulfil the needs of large population.In such cramped spaces, an individual is likely to feel crowded, even though objectively, the number of persons is not very large.As news of possible jobs travelled to the countryside, hundreds tramped to the cities.The herds trampled over the saplings and munched away the shoots.

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