Rather example sentences

With regard to personality, the poor and deprived have low self-esteem, are high on anxiety and introversion, and dwell on the immediate present rather than being future-oriented.But they drop out because parents prefer to spend their resources for their boys' education rather than spending equally on their sons and daughters.Under the accrual basis, however, revenues and costs are recognised in the period in which they occur rather when they are paid.You must never forget that, sooner rather than later, the grand avenues will be opened where free men will march on to build a better society.'There can be no question of the superior profit to the farmer of enclosures rather than open fields.Gradually, people will come to believe that only branded daals are good and will want to buy the daal that comes in a sealed packet rather than that which is sold loose.If all of this is to be done when we touch a hot object, it may take enough time for us to get burnt! How does the design of the body solve this problem? Rather than having to think about the sensation of heat, if the nerves that detect heat were to be connected to the nerves that move muscles in a simpler way, the process of detecting the signal or the input and responding to it by an output action might be completed quickly.Rather, they realised, from the changes initiated by Napoleon, that modernisation could in fact strengthen traditional institutions like the monarchy.The current version of it, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Edition (DSM- ), evaluates the patient on five axes or dimensions rather than just one broad aspect of 'mental disorder'.It is important to ensure that every essential field must appear in the Form, if the Form is being designed to enter records rather than displaying just part of record contents.His idea of liberation was not that of a state of inert bliss but rather the pursuit of active life with a strong sense of social commitment.Such shops may also stock rare objects of historical value and antique items which are sold at rather heavy prices to people who have special interest in such antique goods.Attitudes are more likely to change when the message comes from a highly credible source rather than from a low-credible source.It is rather significantly involved in areas like removal of rural poverty through raising productivity, increasing income of the rural poor, providing technical support, and initiating research and cooperative ventures.At the same time, you find it easier to say 'yes' rather than 'no' to such a harmless (and eventually meaningful) request.

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