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Developed by Eysenck this test initially assessed two dimensions of personality, called introverted-extraverted and emotionally stable-emotionally unstable.Born at Talwandi (Nankana Sahib in Pakistan), he travelled widely before establishing a centre at Kartarpur (Dera Baba Nanak on the river Ravi).The book draws on different genres such as story, biography and autobiography; science fiction; humour; travelogue; and the one-act play.Growing up disabled, you get fed up with people asking you to be brave, as if you have a courage account on which you are too lazy to draw a cheque.They spent six years travelling from village to village, talking to people and writing down fairy tales, which were handed down through the generations.Why do people travel nowadays?आज लोग यात्राएँ क्यों करते हैं?A merchant travelling in 1833 from Hamburg to Nuremberg to sell his goods would have had to pass through 11 customs barriers and pay a customs duty of about 5 per cent at each one of them.Travelling across the country I have seen children walking barefoot, in cities, on village roads.Many cultivators sold off their crop to travelling traders (pykars) who offered higher prices.While the relative share of travel and transportation has declined from 6 3 per cent in 1995-96 to 2 6 per cent in 2003-2004, the share of software exports has gone up from 2 per cent to around 49 per cent in the corresponding period.illagers have to travel to towns and pay very high fee to private doctors even for common ailments.“Is it proper for such a young person to travel alone? Do you know exactly where you're going in town? What's the street? What's the house number?” “You needn't bother about me.He was a wildlife photographer and travelled widely.Dissociative fugue has, as its essential feature, an unexpected travel away from home and workplace, the assumption of a new identity, and the inability to recall the previous identity.Throughout, people travelled from one part of the subcontinent to another.लोगों ने सदैव उपमहाद्धीप के एक हिस्से से दूसरे हिस्से तक यात्रा की|

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