Raze example sentences

The poor could no longer collect their firewood from the forests, or graze their cattle on the commons.In recent years they have been migrating to Haryana where sheep can graze on agricultural fields after the harvests are cut.In addition to people gathering fruits, nuts and medicines from the forests, their cattle also graze in forest areas or feed on other fodder which is collected from forests.There are scanty patches of grasses and shrubs for animals to graze.When the pastures were exhausted in one place they moved to a different area to graze their cattle.Here is an example – the great Himalayan National Park contains, within its reserved area, alpine meadows which were grazed by sheep in summer.The crazed destruction wrought by the cyclone and the surge of the ocean continued for the next thirty-six hours, although wind speeds had reduced somewhat by the next morning.Here they pastured their cows and grazed their sheep, collected fuelwood for fire and berries and fruit for food.After unloading their oxen, they turn them free to graze as there is enough land here, and no one there to forbid them.Pastoralists had to pay tax on every animal they grazed on the pastures.They had to set up a relationship with farmers on the way, so that the herds could graze in harvested fields and manure the soil.From the 1680s there started a craze for printed Indian cotton textiles in England and Europe mainly for their exquisite floral designs, fine texture and relative cheapness.Pastoralists were not allowed to enter these reserves; they could neither hunt animals nor graze their herds in these areas.” To prevent another rebellion, the British exiled Bahadur Shah to Burma (now Myanmar), dismantled his court, razed several of the palaces, closed down gardens and built barracks for troops in their place.The men graze the cattle, and frequently lie out for weeks in the woods tending their herds.

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