Recall example sentences

You may recall from what you studied in Class I that social psychology deals with all behaviour that takes place in the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others.How would you describe a tumour? What would you call the parenchyma cells that are made to divide under controlled laboratory conditions during plant tissue culture? Recall, in Section 1 1, we have mentioned that the growth in plants is open, i.e., it can be indeterminate or determinate.You may recall that the atomic number is equal to the nuclear charge (i.e., number of protons) or the number of electrons in a neutral atom.Can you guess why? Recall what you read about the Parliament in the earlier class and try to imagine what the Parliament could have done if it did not approve of the Cabinet's decision.If you have seen a greenhouse in a nursery or elsewhere, recall that the sun's heat is allowed to get in but is not allowed to go out.Do you recall how the tester helped us in deciding that? We found that metals such as copper and aluminium conduct electricity whereas materials such as rubber, plastic and wood do not conduct electricity.She recalled how surprised she was to see the changes in the landform and natural vegetation as the bus climbed higher and higher.From where do the plants obtain nitrogen? Recall that nitrogen is present in abundance in gaseous form in the air.You will recall that cash flow analysis has also been mentioned in Chapter 4 as a technique of financial analysis.Recall the reading taken by you under in Activity 1 Heat is trapped by glass, and hence the temperature inside a glass enclosure will be much higher than the surroundings.You will recall that this involves the ability of a counsellor to reflect on what the client says and feels using different words.These primary abilities are: erbal Comprehension (grasping meaning of words, concepts, and ideas), Numerical Abilities (speed and accuracy in numerical and computational skills), Spatial Relations (visualising patterns and forms), Perceptual Speed (speed in perceiving details), Word Fluency (using words fluently and flexibly), Memory (accuracy in recalling information), and nductive Reasoning (deriving general rules from presented facts).Recall that the real exchange rate is defined as the relative price of foreign goods in terms of domestic goods.Dissociative fugue has, as its essential feature, an unexpected travel away from home and workplace, the assumption of a new identity, and the inability to recall the previous identity.If closed, the Show Table Window can be recalled by a right click at upper pane % show table.

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