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The message is sent to someone who receives it using her or his primary signal system.” The amount received will be adjusted towards the payment of calls as and when they becomes due.Counsellors and clients both transmit and receive verbal and non-verbal messages during the process.It may be noted that Receipt and Payment Account shows the total amount of subscription actually received during the year while the amount shown in Income and Expenditure Account is confined to the figureure related to the current period only irrespective of the fact whether it has been received or not.Chuchundars are lucky they bring money! And sure enough, I receive a cheque in the mail.When firm receives cheques from its customers (debtors), they are immediately recorded in the debit side of the cash book.No entry is recorded because the bill has been transferred in favour of the creditor, therefore the creditor becomes its owner and will receive the payment on maturity.Places that receive rainfall of over 50 cm, are suitable for farming as the soil is fertile.Shares are said to be issued for consideration other than cash when a company purchases business, or some asset/assets, and the vendors have agreed to receive payment in the form of fully paid shares of a company.Transfer payments are receipts which the residents of a country receive 'for free', without having to make any present or future payments in return.It sits in the forward end of the skull, and receives signals from all over the body which it thinks about before responding to them.The pre-occupied mind of receiver and the resultant non-listening of message acts as a major psychological barrier.Secondly, while formal sector loans need to expand, it is also necessary that everyone receives these loans.When the directors opt to make a proportionate allotment to all the applicants (called 'pro-rata' allotment), the excess application money received is normally adjusted towards the amount due on allotment.He and the Grameen Bank he started jointly, received the Nobel Peace Prize for the 200 In February 2007, he decided to launch a political party and contest in the parliamentary elections.

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