Reduced example sentences

Conflicts can be reduced if we know about their causes.It was decided that the proportion of Indian soldiers in the army would be reduced and the number of European soldiers would be increased.Earlier, in 1845, weavers in Silesia had led a revolt against contractors who supplied them raw material and gave them orders for finished textiles but drastically reduced their payments.Opportunities to observe and imitate the behaviour of aggressive models should be reduced drastically.Since the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, India's distance from Europe has been reduced by 7,000 km.As the blood sugar level falls, insulin secretion is reduced.By borrowing, the government transfers the burden of reduced consumption on future generations.When pasturelands in one place was closed to them, they changed the direction of their movement, reduced the size of the herd, combined pastoral activity with other forms of income and adapted to the changes in the modern world.Survival of these species is not assured as their population has reduced greatly.During the dry season, even the large rivers have reduced flow of water in their channels.' 'Is that a walrus, mister?' reduced me to giggles, and outside a dog show I heard 'a hippo'.Deforestation leads to an increase in the amount of CO2 in the air because the number of trees which consume CO2 is reduced.Withdrawal from Debenture Redemption Reserve is permissible only after 10% of the debenture liability has already been reduced by the company.All of this raised the premium on skill and reduced the influence of rough ground and brute force.In other words, one reactant gets oxidised while the other gets reduced during a reaction.

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