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Some days later, some sepoys of the regiment at Meerut refused to do the army drill using the new cartridges, which were suspected of being coated with the fat of cows and pigs.Regiment after regiment mutinied and took off to join other troops at nodal points like Delhi, Kanpur and Lucknow.On the whole, the international system is now characterised by a multiple of regimes.All one can say in favour of democratic regimes is that they are much better than any non-democratic regime in these respects.People had in-depth knowledge of rainfall regimes and soil types and developed wide ranging techniques to harvest rainwater, groundwater, river water and flood water in keeping with the local ecological conditions and their water needs.A number of Mahar people, who were regarded as untouchable, found jobs in the Mahar Regiment.Conservative regimes set up in 1815 were autocratic.' 'The Kirghiz welcomed the first revolution (ie February Revolution) with joy and the second revolution with consternation and terror … [This] first revolution freed them from the oppression of the Tsarist regime and strengthened their hope that … autonomy would be realised.The men from our regiment wrote to others in the regiment telling them about this, and there was soon excitement in every regiment.The Meiji regime, which assumed power in Japan in 1868, believed that Japan needed to industrialise in order to resist Western domination.An officer was shot at the barracks of a regiment and three other regiments mutinied, voting to join the striking workers.The level of awareness or information about disease; and beliefs about how it is caused; and about possible ways of relieving the distress or improving health affect help seeking behaviour as well as sticking to a doctor's regimen.Now the same group of people … perpetuate the same regime'.It chanced that about this time the Sarkar sent parties of men from each regiment to different garrisons for instructions in the use of the new rifle.Anyone caught publicly airing views or issuing statements critical of the regime can be sentenced up to twenty years in prison.

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