Relieve example sentences

” At last she was able to say it and felt relieved as if it was a great achievement.If such need is satisfied, the individual is relieved of tension.This relieves the manufacturers of many of the marketing activities and enable them to concentrate on the production activity.By undertaking personal selling efforts, the retailers relieve the producers of this activity and greatly help them in the process of actualising the sale of the products.In accordance with the Le Chatelier's principle, the concentration stress of removed Fe3+ is relieved by dissociation of [Fe(SCN)]2+ to replenish the Fe3+ ions.They also relieve the retailers of maintaining large stock of articles and extend credit facilities to them.After some distance, he was relieved to find two friends of his uncle who were also returning to their village.Haldia port was developed as a subsidiary port, in order to relieve growing pressure on the Kolkata port.To that extent, they relieve the manufacturers from bearing these risks.The concentration stress of an added reactant/product is relieved by net reaction in the direction that consumes the added substance.Learning how to plan time and delegate can help to relieve the pressure.This relieves the retailers of the work of collecting goods from several producers and keeping big inventory of the same.Often people attributed Sufi masters with miraculous powers that could relieve others of their illnesses and troubles.The concentration stress of a removed reactant/product is relieved by net reaction in the direction that replenishes the removed substance.The person often feels disgusted and ashamed when s/he binges and is relieved of tension and negative emotions after purging.

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