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To understand these trends, we have to consider two factors : the attraction of electrons towards the nucleus, and the repulsion of electrons from each other.On the other hand, when the staggered form changes into the eclipsed form, the electron clouds of the carbon – hydrogen bonds come closer to each other resulting in increase in electron cloud repulsions.This is because when an electron is added to O or F, the added electron goes to the smaller n = 2 quantum level and suffers significant repulsion from the other electrons present in this level.This arises because in the nitrogen atom, three 2p-electrons reside in different atomic orbitals (Hund s rule) whereas in the oxygen atom, two of the four 2p-electrons must occupy the same 2p-orbital resulting in an increased electron-electron repulsion.In this case, the net repulsion of the electrons will outweigh the nuclear charge.The micelles stay in solution as a colloid and will not come together to precipitate because of ion-ion repulsion.The size of an anion will be larger than that of the parent atom because the addition of one or more electrons would result in increased repulsion among the electrons and a decrease in effective nuclear charge.For the n = 3 quantum level (S or Cl), the added electron occupies a larger region of space and the electron-electron repulsion is much less.

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