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Thus, the amount of oxygen required by bacteria to break down the organic matter present in a certain volume of a sample of water, is called Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).There are three important query types that are required for generating the accounting reports.The interest is required to be paid irrespective of the firm earning a profit or incurring a loss.Judicious use of chemicals required for agricultural practices can lead to sustainable development.As per the rules in force, every importer is required to secure the sanction of foreign exchange.The women repair to the markets every morning with baskets on their heads, with little earthen pots filled with milk, butter-milk and ghee, each of these pots containing the proportion required for a day's meal.Therefore, every company is required to have its own seal which acts as an official signatures of the company.But jatis were also required to follow the rules of their villages.Management may resort to creation of secret reserve by charging higher depreciation than required.Hence for every CO2 molecule entering the Calvin cycle, 3 molecules of ATP and 2 of NADPH are required.Production of Wootz steel required a highly specialised technique of refining iron.No DRR is required in case of privately placed debentures.This source of financing is considered suitable when large funds for longer duration are required for expansion, reorganisation and modernisation of an enterprise.The issue of shares for cash is required to be made in strict conformity with the procedure laid down by law for the same.In Asch's experiment, the task required an answer that could be verified, and could be correct or incorrect.

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