Restore example sentences

This entry will restore the position prevailing before the receipt of the cheque form the customer and its deposit in the bank.Throughout the nineteenth century, democracy in France was overthrown and restored several times.In this situation, liability of the acceptor is restored.Tea is processed within the tea garden to restore its freshness.In order to restore it, the reaction proceeds in a direction wherein H2 is consumed, i.e., more of H2 and I2 react to form HI and finally the equilibrium shifts in right (forward) direction (Figureure 8).Pinochet's government tortured and killed several of those who supported Allende and those who wanted democracy to be restored.It therefore becomes essential for the cell to divide to restore the nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio.His father pulled him away roughly and restored the red button to neutral position.The Bourbon kings who had been restored to power during the conservative reaction after 1815, were now overthrown by liberal revolutionaries who installed a constitutional monarchy with Louis Philippe at its head.The main intention was to restore the monarchies that had been overthrown by Napoleon, and create a new conservative order in Europe.Thus, the loss of copper from the solution is restored and the process keeps going.Once destroyed it is very difficult to restore them.Meiosis ensures the production of haploid phase in the life cycle of sexually reproducing organisms whereas fertilisation restores the diploid phase.Though conservative forces were able to suppress liberal movements in 1848, they could not restore the old order.Since wages and prices are generally rigid downwards (they do not fall below a level), employment cannot be restored automatically.

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