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Any error in posting of individual transactions in subsidiaries books relates to individual account only, the sales account, purchase account, sales return account or purchases return account are not involved.Reciprocity means that people feel obliged to return what they get.The investment made in each centre is separately ascertained and return on investment is used as a basis for judging the performance of the centre.It also refers to money or money's worth lost (or cost incurred) without receiving any benefit in return, e.g., cash or goods lost by theft or a fire accident, etc.The return on shares is known as dividend while the return on debentures is called interest.After some distance, he was relieved to find two friends of his uncle who were also returning to their village.With the onset of the monsoon the Dhangars left the Konkan and the coastal areas with their flocks and returned to their settlements on the dry plateau.The organisation in return issues a deposit receipt as acknowledgment of the debt.Demonstrators returned in force to the streets of the left bank on the 26th.Through a return to monarchy Napoleon had, no doubt, destroyed democracy in France, but in the administrative field he had incorporated revolutionary principles in order to make the whole system more rational and efficient.The rate of return on shares may vary from year to year depending upon the profits of the company but the rate of interest on debentures is pre-fixed.His first journey took more than a year; he reached Calicut in 1498, and returned to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, the following year.Investment in human resource (via education and medical care) can give high rates of return in the future.A debit note will contain the name of the party (to whom the goods have been returned) details of the goods returned and the reason for returning the goods.10,000 resulting in short debit to sales returns account is a case of two errors compensating each other s effect.

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