Rival example sentences

Consequently, he is no match for his manager and rival Donald Farfrae who runs his business on efficient managerial lines and is well regarded for he is smooth and even-tempered with everyone.Foreign tourist s arrivals in the country witnessed an increase of 2 5 per cent during the year 2004 as against the year 2003, thus contributing Rs 21,828 crore of foreign exchange.As news of their arrival spread, the regiments stationed in Delhi also rose up in rebellion.Pipeline transport network is a new arrival on the transportation map of India.Our money was gone at the end of the third day … For two nights we slept out – once under a haystack, and once in an old farm shed … On arrival in London we tried to find … my friend … but … were unsuccessful.Even if the machine is not used in production process, we can not expect it to realise the same sales price due to the passage of time or arrival of a new model (obsolescence).The rains have heralded the arrival of some seasonal visitors a leopard, and several thousand leeches.You will find out more about the spread of peasant societies, the rise of regional and imperial state formations — sometimes at the cost of pastoral and forest people — the development of Hinduism and Islam as major religions and the arrival of European trading companies.The thud and the jingle of the traditional baker s bamboo, heralding his arrival in the morning, can still be heard in some places.The 1950s and 1960s saw the emergence of the Cold War, that is, power rivalries and ideological conflicts between the USA and the USSR, with both countries creating military alliances.“I see that even an MA degree has not cured you of your superstitions! There is no corelation whatsoever with the arrival of a comet and the calamities of the earth.The importer needs various documents to claim the title of goods on their arrival at his/her country and getting them customs cleared.Only with the arrival of words such as Thara Mukurtham our women had become puppets in the hands of their husbands … we ended up with such fathers who advise their daughters .The rivalry between the Parsis and the racist Bombay Gymkhana had a happy ending for these pioneers of Indian cricket.This person's consumption stands in a rival relationship to the consumption of others.

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