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The igneous rocks (Ignis – in Latin means 'Fire') are formed when magma cools and solidifies.In sedimentary rocks a number of minerals occur in beds or layers.The Sun heats up rocks during the day so that they expand.They are concentrated in a particular area or rock formations.The 'Marble rocks', near Jabalpur where the Narmada flows through a deep gorge, and the 'Dhuadhar falls' where the river plunges over steep rocks, are some of the notable ones.The Peninsular plateau is a tableland composed of the old crystalline, igneous and metamorphic rocks.These rocks form under the action of pressure, volume and temperature (P T) changes.One, water could get into the cracks in the rocks formed due to uneven heating by the Sun.While growing, they release certain substances that cause the rock surface to powder down and form a thin layer of soil.It is commonly found in igneous and metamorphic rocks.These rocky surfaces may be more than 2500m high at some places.Limestone is found in association with rocks composed of calcium carbonates or calcium and magnesium carbonates.Waste land includes rocky, arid and desert areas and land put to other non-agricultural uses includes settlements, roads, railways, industry etc.Metamorphism occurs when rocks are forced down to lower levels by tectonic processes or when molten magma rising through the crust comes in contact with the crustal rocks or the underlying rocks are subjected to great amounts of pressure by overlying rocks.Over long periods of time, thousands and millions of years, the rocks at or near the surface of the Earth are broken down by various physical, chemical and some biological processes.

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