Routine example sentences

The routine tales of corruption are enough to convince us that democracy is not free of this evil.Compare the daily routine followed by a person living in a desert with one living in a mountainous region, and with one living on the plains.Children with autistic disorder have marked difficulties in social interaction and communication, a restricted range of interests, and strong desire for routine.Finally, rehabilitation in the form of employment and a gradual return to the normal routine should be undertaken.Emotional reactions, such as grief and fear, irritability, anger (“Why should this happen to me?”), helplessness, hopelessness (“I could do nothing to prevent this event”), depression, sometimes absolute lack of emotion (numbness), guilt feelings for having survived while someone else in the family died, blaming oneself, and lack of interest in even routine activities.Modern factory work meant that people were paid by the hour or the day or the week: games that were codified after the industrial revolution, like football and hockey, were strictly time-limited to fit the routines of industrial city life.The functions return a value while subroutines do not return any value.We learn to cope with small, everyday changes but major life events can be stressful, because they disturb our routine and cause upheaval.These routinely involve religious prejudices, stereotypes of religious communities and belief in the superiority of one's religion over other religions.Each morning, when the routine of opening his shop was completed, it was the proprietor's custom to perch on a high stool, behind the counter, unfold his morning paper, and digest the day's news.Institutions involve meetings, committees and routines.The ruling parties routinely lose elections in India both at the national and state level.

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