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This involves the use of sacred symbols, religious leaders, emotional appeal and plain fear in order to bring the followers of one religion together in the political arena.In Khiva, in Central Asia, Bolshevik colonists brutally massacred local nationalists in the name of defending socialism.They developed elaborate methods of training using zikr (chanting of a name or sacred formula), contemplation, sama (singing), raqs (dancing), discussion of parables, breath control, etc.The sacred space thus created by Guru Nanak was known as dharmsal.He was known to have got a number of political opponents killed and persons of ethnic minorities massacred.At twelve, he was sent away for schooling in the Hindu sacred scriptures and four years later he returned home to marry a princess.The next morning, with Mr Shah's son and nephew, I visit the two temples in Kathmandu that are most sacred to Hindus and Buddhists.Numerous wars were waged in which Indians were massacred and many of their villages burnt.Damn that Geoff, was nothing sacred? “It's a secret — meant to be.They did not see it as a sacred, static and unalterable law.” Bholi, clad in a red silken bridal dress, was led to the bride's place near the sacred fire.3 I should, however, be exceedingly surprised and even painfully surprised, if I were told that before cricket and football descended upon your sacred soil, your boys were devoid of all games.In 1855, they rose in rebellion and massacred Europeans and their supporters alike.Whenever they wished to challenge a practice that seemed harmful, they tried to find a verse or sentence in the ancient sacred texts that supported their point of view.

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