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Rajendra Prasad, Brij Kishor Babu, Maulana Mazharul Huq and several other prominent lawyers had arrived from Bihar.Rajendra Prasad was out of town, but the servants knew Shukla as a poor yeoman who pestered their master to help the indigo sharecroppers.Social disadvantage poses an obstacle to the growth of these sections.Each entry mode has its own advantages and disadvantages which the firm needs to take into account while deciding as to which mode of entry it should prefer.In our society, the caste system has been largely the source of social disadvantage, but poverty, irrespective of caste, has also played a role in creating social disadvantage.As the war prolonged, Indian factories were called upon to supply war needs: jute bags, cloth for army uniforms, tents and leather boots, horse and mule saddles and a host of other items.A policy that declares some positions in government employment and educational institutions 'reserved' for people and communities who have been discriminated against, are disadvantaged and backward.While deciding on how much money to hold at a certain point of time one has to consider the trade off between the advantage of liquidity and the disadvantage of the foregone interest.There Shukla led him to the house of a lawyer named Rajendra Prasad who later became President of the Congress party and of India.Children with SAD may have difficulty being in a room by themselves, going to school alone, are fearful of entering new situations, and cling to and shadow their parents' every move.She felt sad because she knew she would never see the little tight-lipped Polish girl again and couldn't ever really make things right between them.Further, social disadvantage because of caste and poverty has created the problem of discrimination.These roads received special impetus under the Pradhan Mantri Grameen Sadak Yojana.That was the end of a brief and brilliant acting career the legal adviser, who was also a member of the Story Department, had unwittingly brought about that sad end.In some situations, expression of caste differences in politics gives many disadvantaged communities the space to demand their share of power.

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