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He is a member of the co-operative society which also advises him on the type of fodder for his animals, safety measures to protect the health of the livestock and artificial insemination.The excess of current assets over current liabilities provides a measure of safety margin available against uncertainty in realisation of current assets and flow of individual has enough money to buy sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet one's dietary needs.A pan of morning's milk stood in the kitchen safe.Read the following comparison between UC's safety system in Bhopal and its other plant in the US: At West irginia (U.They had a central courtyard where they played in total seclusion and safety from the outside world.Thus, not only was UC a beneficiary of lower safety standards, it didn't have to spend any money to clean up the pollution.But, because you are alert, vigilant and aware of the danger, you are able to cross the road safely.The period of safety training for workers was brought down from 6 months to 15 days! The post of night-shift worker for the MIC plant was abolished.But lo! somehow it passed on smoothly, leaving all obstacles safely behind.Not only is it necessary for us to be able to meet our daily needs but safe drinking water can prevent many water-related diseases.Government also needs to pay attention to aspects of human development such as availability of safe drinking water, housing facilities for the poor and food and nutrition.This will ensure that the workers livelihoods are protected and both workers and communities living around the factories enjoy a safe environment.Lower working conditions including lower safety measures are used as ways of cutting costs.Since there are limited number of accounts type and are being expressed as numeric only, the data type of this field can be safely taken as Number/byte because the storage space taken by the data type Number/byte is minimum.

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