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In the secondary sector, small scale manufacturing is the most labourabsorbing.It enjoys all the benefits of large scale buying and selling because of which its operating costs are lower.The study of the thousand years between 700 and 1750 is a huge challenge to historians largely because of the scale and variety of developments that occurred over the period.The pH scale (pH = -log[H+]) for the hydrogen ion concentration (activity) has been introduced and extended to other quantities (pOH = – log[OH–]) ; pKa = –log[Ka] ; pKb = –log[Kb]; and pKw = –log[Kw] etc.It was difficult to cross these frontiers, those who wanted could and did scale the mountains and cross the seas.लोगों के लिए इन सीमाओं को पार करना आसान नहीं था, जिन्होंने ऐसा चाहा वे ऐसा कर सके, वे पर्वतों की ऊँचाई को छू सके तथा गहरे समुद्रों को पार कर सके|n 1908, when the scale was revised, they gave the concept of Mental Age (MA), which is a measure of a person s intellectual development relative to people of her/his age group.Contract manufacturing permits the international firms to get the goods produced on a large scale without requiring investment in setting up production facilities.As we have seen, large scale societies need representative democracy.Production of automobiles and heavy machinery are large scale industries.As you would remember, the attributes of Liberty are the red cap, or the broken chain, while Justice is generally a blindfolded woman carrying a pair of weighing scales.But fortunately they are not on such a scale so as to defeat the very purpose of elections.abolishing licensing requirement in most of the industries except a short list, freedom in deciding the scale of business activities i.e., no restrictions on expansion or contraction of business activities, removal of restrictions on the movement of goods and services, freedom in fixing the prices of goods services, reduction in tax rates and lifting of unnecessary controls over the economy, simplifying procedures for imports and experts, and making it easier to attract foreign capital and technology to India.In the urban areas, unorganised sector comprises mainly of workers in small-scale industry, casual workers in construction, trade and transport etc.Resistance to these projects has primarily been due to the large-scale displacement of local communities.Services of manufacturers: The services provided by wholesalers to manufacturers include facilitating large scale production; bearing risk; providing financial assistance; expert advice; help in marketing function; facilitating continuity; and storage.

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