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Seasonal unemployment happens when people are not able to find jobs during some months of the year.There are some crops, which are grown in rainy season, called the kharif season from the month of June to October, and some of the crops are grown in the winter season, called the rabi season from November to April.Most lakes are permanent; some contain water only during the rainy season, like the lakes in the basins of inland drainage of semi-arid regions.This rabi crop requires a cool growing season and a bright sunshine at the time of ripening.The crops which are sown in the rainy season are called kharif crops.Every season, new models of automobiles can be seen on Indian roads.Important crops grown during this season are paddy, maize, jowar, bajra, tur (arhar), moong, urad, cotton, jute, groundnut and soyabean.Some possessed more productive land, others also kept cattle, and some combined artisanal work with agricultural activity during the lean season.This is prevalent in rural areas because of the seasonal nature of agricultural activities and in urban areas because of the casual labour, e.g., there is less work for casual construction labour during the rainy season.Although a large section of people suffer from food and nutrition insecurity in India, the worst affected groups are landless or land poor households in rural areas and people employed in ill paid occupations and casual labourers engaged in seasonal activities in the urban areas.In case of rural areas, there is seasonal and disguised unemployment.The situation worsens in the rainy season when the drains start overflowing.Seasonality of work in many industries meant prolonged periods without work.She loves the surroundings and wants to stay here as long as she can, but this little girl has no idea about the declining fertility of the soil and her family's search for fresh a patch of land in the next season.Seasonal businesses that must build inventories in anticipation of selling requirements often need shortterm financing for the interim period between seasons.

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