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[aloud] Are you going to start shooting soon? I'm thinking of having a go at the blackcock, honoured Natalya Stepanovna, after the harvest.It helps leaves/ upper parts of the shoot to remain above water.The cells derived from root apical and shoot-apical meristems and cambium differentiate and mature to perform specific functions.Root and shoot apical meristems sometimes alongwith intercalary meristem, contribute to the elongation growth of plant axes.What would happen if the meristem ceases to divide? Does this ever happen? In Chapter 6, you have studied about the root apical meristem and the shoot apical meristem.Oh, my heart! You're an intriguer! What? I am an intriguer? [shouts] Shut up! Intriguer! Boy! Pup! Old rat! Jesuit! Shut up or I'll shoot you like a partridge! You fool! Everybody knows that — oh, my heart! — your late wife used to beat you.Battling with half a dozen pedestal fans on the shooting stage, The Boss read out a long speech.The roots of a plant always grow downwards while the shoots usually grow upwards and away from the earth.In another situation, the shortage of raw materials in the market may shoot up its price.These are commonly known as shooting stars, although they are not stars.The colonial officials believed that grazing destroyed the saplings and young shoots of trees that germinated on the forest floor.The constantly dividing cells, both at the root apex and the shoot apex, represent the meristematic phase of growth.When growing plants detect light, a hormone called auxin, synthesised at the shoot tip, helps the cells to grow longer.It helps to produce new leaves, chloroplasts in leaves, lateral shoot growth and adventitious shoot formation.This hormonal substance migrates from leaves to shoot apices for inducing flowering only when the plants are exposed to the necessary inductive photoperiod.

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