Sleep example sentences

?” I said I generally preferred to sleep inside a bed.” So he put his head under his wing and in a minute was fast asleep.Some of the typical behavioural effects of stress seen are disrupted sleep patterns, increased absenteeism, and reduced work performance.GET a cheap room in the centre of town and sleep for hours.We have no place to live … We cannot get meat from the south … Our sleeping skins cannot be sent out … Ovamboland is closed for us.Our money was gone, so there was nothing for us to do but to walk around until late at night, and then try to find some place to sleep.However, during the days when he is unable to get some work, he and his family really face difficulties and sometimes his small kids have to sleep without food.It helps me to lie awake; at the same time, it doesn t keep me from sleeping.In terms of emotional effects, noise above a certain level causes annoyance, and can also lead to sleep disturbance.The leaves of these plants when put in hot water and drunk banished sleep.I can eat well and sleep and without having to be ready to beat it at the sight of a cop.Peggy had begun to forget the whole business, and Maddie put herself to sleep at night making speeches about Wanda, defending her from great crowds of girls who were trying to tease her with, “How many dresses have you got?” And before Wanda could press her lips together in a tight line, the way she did before answering, Maddie would cry out, “Stop!” Then everybody would feel ashamed the way she used to feel.''My father came home and said that you wanted to sleep here in the forge tonight, and then I asked permission to come and bring you home to us.The wolf, tired and sleepy, was getting ready to devour her.While Smitha in Bangalore sleeps, Danny in California is working.

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