Smile example sentences

So alli just smiled, and her mother and aunt went on with their conversation.The Inspector had smiled after he was finished and patted Margie s head.“Thank you for the correction! Do you realise that we have only ten months of survival left for the entire living species on the Earth? Don't you think we have to do something to stop all this?” A fleeting smile crossed James' face.On Bishamber's greedy face appeared a triumphant smile.When the work of the day was over, he would gaze at it for hours, until he began to imagine that those vast features recognised him, and gave him a smile of kindness and encouragement.He smiled at Margie and gave her an apple, then took the teacher apart.Sometimes she twisted her mouth into a crooked sort of smile, but that was all.“Mother,” said he, while the Great Face smiled on him, “I wish that it could speak, for it looks so very kindly that its voice must indeed be pleasant.From the first instant he knew instinctively, unreasonably, that the man hated him; but out of habit he rubbed his hands briskly together, smiled and nodded.His nose is freckled and turns upwards slightly, and when he smiles he does so shyly, exposing teeth with gaps between.He clasped both hands across his melon-like stomach, and smiled importantly.” Then he smiled his oneway smile and I knew, without being sentimental or silly, that I was looking at one of the most beautiful men in the world.We would need a bigger vehicle and a river as mighty as Brahmaputra!” Lyngdoh Ma'am smiled at Rose.“Perhaps,” said the air hostess with the most charming smile, “it would be better if you resumed your seat, and I will find the animal and bring it to you.What would happen to me if you die?” Johnsy smiled weakly and closed her eyes.

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