Solidarity example sentences

A nation is therefore a large-scale solidarity … Its existence is a daily plebiscite … A province is its inhabitants; if anyone has the right to be consulted, it is the inhabitant.Solidarity contested all the 100 seats of the Senate and won 99 of them.Another wave of strikes, again organised by Solidarity, began in 198 This time the Polish government was weaker, the support from Soviet Union uncertain and the economy was in decline.The government, led by General Jaruzelski, grew anxious and imposed martial law in December 198 Thousands of Solidarity members were put in prison.After the Gdansk agreement was signed, a new trade union called Solidarity (Solidarnosc in Polish) was formed.Within a year, Solidarity swept across Poland and had about one crore members.Although competition between individuals within a group may result in conflict and disharmony, competition between groups may increase within group cohesion and solidarity.

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