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The distance you maintain when you are talking privately to someone, or interacting with a very close friend or relative.Then someone, I don't know who, brought out a football.” “And do you find it annoying when someone like me comes and disturbs you in your work?” The answer flashed.Often we hear statements like the average salary of someone is Rs 10,000 or the output of the steel industry is so many tonnes or so many rupees in value.This kind of underemployment is hidden in contrast to someone who does not have a job and is clearly visible as unemployed.When someone demanded freedom for the media, the elders thought that too much criticism of the ruler would not help them improve their living standards.If someone opposes or challenges your views about these topics, you get emotional.In a SC reserved constituency only someone who belongs to the Scheduled Castes can stand for election.Counselling involves helping relationship, that includes someone seeking help, and someone willing to give help, who is capable of or trained to help in a setting that permits help to be given and received.' 5 Novels for the Young Novels for young boys idealised a new type of man: someone who was powerful, assertive, independent and daring.But the little Princess burst into tears, for it is very difficult to put the happiness of someone you love before your own, and with her little bird far out of sight she felt, all of a sudden, very lonely.Being exposed to someone over a period of time makes us assess our similarities and paves the way for formation of groups.You have the role of a son or a daughter and with this role, there are certain role expectations, i.e. including the behaviour expected of someone in a particular role.I think what this country needs is a strong leader, someone who does not have to bother about elections and parliament.Have you ever noticed someone washing their hands everytime they touch something, or washing even things like coins, or stepping only within the patterns on the floor or road while walking? People affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder are unable to control their preoccupation with specific ideas or are unable to prevent themselves from repeatedly carrying out a particular act or series of acts that affect their ability to carry out normal activities.

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