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Started in the 1970s as a small project, Grameen Bank now has over 6 million borrowers in about 40,000 villages spread across Bangladesh.After Gandhiji's martyrdom, inobha Bhave undertook padyatra to spread Gandhiji's message covered almost the entire country.The rise of food prices or a year of bad harvest led to widespread pauperism in town and country.In this chapter we have followed the spread of a colonial sport through its history, and tried to understand how it adapted to a post-colonial world.By the 1870s, socialist ideas spread through Europe.As you have seen, nationalist feelings were widespread among middle-class Germans, who in 1848 tried to unite the different regions of the German confederation into a nation-state governed by an elected parliament.In the hilly terrain landslides have been a major and widely spread natural disaster that often strike life and property and occupy a position of major concern.The members deliberated for 114 days spread over three years.This is because the wall of the dam across the river is high and the water spreads over a large area.Secret societies sprang up in many European states to train revolutionaries and spread their ideas.Do you remember the name of the world's largest riverine island formed by the Brahmaputra? Every year during the rainy season, the river overflows its banks, causing widespread devastation due to floods in Assam and Bangladesh.As printing spread, newspapers were published and issues were debated in public.In the subsequent two years, riots spread over southern England and about 387 threshing machines were broken.As news of their arrival spread, the regiments stationed in Delhi also rose up in rebellion.However, Pacioli did not claim that he was the inventor of double entry book-keeping but spread the knowledge of it.

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