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Presentday historians have started using such oral traditions to write tribal histories.At midnight on 2 December 1984 methyl-isocyanite (MIC) - a highly poisonous gas - started leaking from this UC plant.Six sets of experiments with varying initial conditions were performed, starting with only gaseous H2 and I2 in a sealed reaction vessel in first four experiments (1, 2, 3 and 4) and only HI in other two experiments (5 and 6).It is often convenient to start balancing with the compound that contains the maximum number of atoms.“Pitaji!” said Bholi in a clear loud voice; and her father, mother, sisters, brothers, relations and neighbours were startled to hear her speak without even the slightest stammer.Alkynes are starting materials for a large number of organic compounds.There, we had started with a notion we all have, that if we see something moving, it is alive.I had started on the long journey back to the bottom of the pool.The origins of Indian cricket are to be found in Bombay and the first Indian community to start playing the game was the small community of Zoroastrians, the Parsis.Tilly started to scream at her family to get off the beach.TISCO was started in 1907 at Sakchi, near the confluence of the rivers Subarnarekha and Kharkai in Jharkhand.But suppose Peggy and all the others started in on her next? She wasn't as poor as Wanda, perhaps, but she was poor.The situation worsens in the rainy season when the drains start overflowing.Should he himself identify and contact some overseas customers and start exporting directly to them or else route his products through export houses which specialise in exporting products made by others? Mr.Over a long time (more than hundred years), and especially because new methods of manufacturing were introduced, factories came up and started expanding.

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