Stem example sentences

In order to completely define the state of a system it is not necessary to define all the properties of the system; as only a certain number of properties can be varied independently.Water and minerals are transported to the leaves by the vessels which run like pipes throughout the root, the stem, the branches and the leaves.In an open system, there is exchange of energy and matter between system and surroundings.These plants have green stems which carry out photosynthesis.They have to be broken down and converted into simple substances in the digestive system.Heat added to a system at lower temperature causes greater randomness than when the same quantity of heat is added to it at higher temperature.Adjustment must either come about 'automatically' through the workings of the economic system (through the mechanism explained by Hume, given below) or be brought about by the government.The northern plain has been formed by the interplay of the three major river systems, namely– the Indus, the Ganga and the Brahmaputra along with their tributaries.Apartheid was the name of a system of racial discrimination unique to South Africa.Joule between 1840–50 and he was able to show that a given amount of work done on the system, no matter how it was done (irrespective of path) produced the same change of state, as measured by the change in the temperature of the system.Politics too influences the caste system and caste identities by bringing them into the political arena.This system has led more and more people and countries to protect and demand that the UN becomes more democratic.In order to ensure availability of food to all sections of society our government carefully designed a national food security system.Most, but not all, of the hotspots rely on speciesrich ecosystems for food, firewood, cropland, and income from timber.This excellent system of water supply and drainage was neglected in the nineteenth century.

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