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A world beyond film stars, celebrities and rich lifestyles, a world that all of us need to reach out to and respond to in various ways.By the late seventeenth century this region had developed a bold and intense style of miniature painting called Basohli.The earliest novel in Marathi was Baba Padmanji's Yamuna Paryatan (1857), which used a simple style of storytelling to speak about the plight of widows.People's skills, abilities, behavioural styles, and value priorities are viewed as strongly linked to these features.This gives rise to different styles of management The best managers are committed and dedicated individuals; highly trained and educated, with personal qualities such as ambition, self- motivation, creativity and imagination, a desire for development of the self and the organisation they belong to.Novels also draw from different styles of language.It is a marked departure from a regular academic style — which is invariably depersonalised and often dry and boring.Those who once set the style in clothes now went naked; and those who owned property were now homeless … The New City (Shahjahanabad) was turned into rubble.In addition, advertisements often show us images of the lifestyles of rich people and seldom show us the reality of peoples' lives that we see around us.Initially the Bengali novel used a colloquial style associated with urban life.New health products and services have, in turn, changed people's life styles.But, then, there wasn't much chance of that, was there? This poem is written in the style of a ballad — a song or poem that tells a story.This is just an old style of speaking and not the language used in our Constitution.Moreover, multiplying urban centres with large and dense populations and urban lifestyles have not only added to water and energy requirements but have further aggravated the problem.Psychologists have found strong evidence which shows that behaviours we engage in and our lifestyles greatly influence health.

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