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But there is no system of check if the information given by the candidates is true.System (DBMS) to create, store and manage database.In other words, living organisms must use systems providing control and coordination.You have already learnt that the neural system provides a point-to-point rapid coordination among organs.The different systems of medicine developed in different cultures are based on these models.Each of these sub-systems follows certain procedures and continuously interacts with each other and their external environment to accomplish the goals of organisation.Once a profit and loss account and balance sheet are prepared, it will be possible for the firm to start a complete accounting system for future.It proceeded to develop a system of management and control that would eliminate competition, control costs, and ensure regular supplies of cotton and silk goods.Gradually, with the support of the Brahmanas, many tribes became part of the caste system.Thus, in this system both Kp and Kc are dimensionless quantities but have different numerical values due to different standard states.The control system of an organisation may face resistance from its employees.Transport has been able to achieve this with the help of equally developed communication system.These are open systems and it is not possible to reach equilibrium in an open system.The system is, however, followed by small business firms as it is very simple and flexible (you will study about them in detail later in this book).The difference between ?H and ?U is not usually significant for systems consisting of only solids and / or liquids.

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