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Imagine you are a teacher in the school set up by Rokeya Hossain.All he has managed to do is teach them what he knows — the art of making bangles.The teacher explained that silk is obtained from silk worms that are bred on Mulberry trees.t has been suggested by psychologists that giftedness from the teachers point of view depends on a combination of high ability, high creativity, and high commitment.While teaching, the emphasis should be on the ideas and examples are to be used as illustrations.This is because they see many positive qualities in that teacher; these positive qualities get linked to the subject that s/he teaches, and ultimately get expressed in the form of liking for the subject.The teacher was further told to increase the strength of the shock each time the learner made an error.The other participant was the “teacher”, who would read these words aloud and punish the learner when s/he made errors by giving her/him shock.But my mother says a teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of each boy and girl it teaches and that each kid has to be taught differently.What shall we do with you?” And Sulekha said in a voice that was calm and steady, “Don't you worry, Pitaji! In your old age I will serve you and Mother and I will teach in the same school where I learnt so much.The children may know what a robot is, and be able to guess what a robotic teacher would be.For example, the distance of an audience from a public speaker, or a teacher in a classroom.Thus emerged the silsilas, a genealogy of Sufi teachers, each following a slightly different method (tariqa) of instruction and ritual practice.For instance, when you are told by your teacher about a test which s/he plans to hold, it would arouse you to attend to the specific chapters.For eight years I was a village schoolteacher and then I lost my place through intrigues.

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