Tender example sentences

Recently the Department of Telecommunications of the central government took the lead by floating tenders for lease finance worth about Rs.Let us read the table to see the increase in number of college, universities, enrollment of students and recruitment of teachers since 1951 to 199 Human being is a positive asset and a precious national resource which needs to be cherished, nurtured and developed with tenderness and care, coupled with dynamism.Frequent showers evenly distributed over the year ensure continuous growth of tender leaves.Long-term tenders do analyse the historical financial statements.Generally, payment has to be made in the legal tender of the country or any other acceptable currency.This requires cool climate and well distributed high rainfall throughout the year for the growth of its tender leaves.But not all these parties are serious contenders in the elections.They are also called legal tenders as they cannot be refused by any citizen of the country for settlement of any kind of transaction.Why did the good Lord make you – to wither away at a tender age? To suffer in disease? To be despised by your brothers, relatives and those around you? No.His work recognises the value of positive qualities, such as tenderness and love in personality development.This was a blessing in disguise, because the tender coconuts from the trees kept the trapped family from starving in the several days that followed.For a while she said nothing, but stroked the letter tenderly with her fingertips.

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