Thin example sentences

I rummaged the things up into much the same state that they must have been before the world was created, and when chaos reigned.“I think I've annoyed you enough,” I said, grinning.GDP is the sum total of value of goods and services created within the geographical boundary of a country in a particular year.Anything that the government finds objectionable cannot be published.However, we also buy things from other kinds of markets.Touching a flame is an urgent and dangerous situation for us, or in fact, for any animal! How would we respond to this? One seemingly simple way is to think consciously about the pain and the possibility of getting burnt, and therefore move our hand.I am constantly filled with wonder at the number of things that other people do without any evident difficulty that are pretty much beyond me.When you think of a desert the picture that immediately comes to your mind is that of sand.It may be chemical, electrical, mechanical or any other type of energy you may think of, the sum of all these is the energy of the system.Firm maximise profit: Do you think any firm would be induced to employ people who might not work efficiently as a healthy worker because of ill health? The health of a person helps him to realise his potential and the ability to figureht illness.Buying books and other things for school-going girls is a luxury he cannot afford.pH meter is a device that measures the pH-dependent electrical potential of the test solution within 0.Do you think the accountant is right in his approach.“Almost everything of moment reaches us through one man asking questions of another.Following one of the 29 rules given by their guru, the Bishnois would do anything to prevent the destruction of trees by human beings, including hugging the trees if they are threatened in any way; the destroyer cannot cut the trees without cutting these human bodies.

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