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If anybody had said to her, “Don't you think that is a cruel way to treat Wanda?” she would have been very surprised.Television has enabled us to think of ourselves as members of a larger global world.What do you think? The enactment of COPRA has led to the setting up of separate departments of Consumer Affairs in central and state governments.I think it is better for girls to learn to take an interest in botany, geology etc.“Now I think Bangladesh will have a chance to choose between good and bad and eventually have a good government,” said Shahedul Islam, a government official.These include rapidly shifting from one topic to another so that the normal structure of thinking is muddled and becomes illogical (loosening of associations, derailment), inventing new words or phrases (neologisms), and persistent and inappropriate repetition of the same thoughts (perseveration).As grain had to be stored for both food and seed, people had to think of ways of storing it.अनाज को भोजन और बीज, दोनों ही रूपों में बचा कर रखना आवश्यक था, इसलिए लोगों को इसके भंडारण की बात सोचनी पड़ी|Which one and why? Why do you not try to write down what you think are necessary conditions for growth? This list may have water, oxygen and nutrients as very essential elements for growth.Harmeet's family did not think that the work Jaspreet did within the house was real work.Economists began to think in terms of the national economy.''No, I couldn't think of it!'' he said, looking quite alarmed.Many critics think that his novel Sewasadan (The Abode of Service), published in 1916, lifted the Hindi novel from the realm of fantasy, moralising and simple entertainment to a serious reflection on the lives of ordinary people and social issues.Creativity tests involve divergent thinking and assess such abilities as ability to produce a variety of ideas, i.e. ideas which are off-the-beaten track, ability to see new relationships between seemingly unrelated things, ability to guess causes and consequences, ability to put things in a new context, etc.We often grow up thinking that these things are exactly the same everywhere.There could be several ways of classification depending on the purpose and what one thinks is an important criterion.

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