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Despite their having toiled very hard, they earned little.Examples are septic tanks, chemical toilets, composting pits.The oldest toilet made of bricks is about 4500 years old.Borewell water is, however, brackish so the residents use it in their toilets and for washing.Sulabh enters into contracts with municipalities or other local authorities to construct toilet blocks with government funds.I have toiled so hard for four months to grow this cotton.It was obvious, too, that his strength had been undermined by vodka and that he was unhealthy and did not feel the slightest inclination for toil.Next time you see a Sulabh toilet, you might want to find out yourself how it functions! Public facilities relate to our basic needs and the Indian Constitution recognises the right to water, heath, education etc as being a part of the Right to Life.Official figureures for 2001 show that 68 percent of the households in India have access to drinking water and about 36 percent have access to sanitation (toilet facilities within the premises of residence).Excreta from the toilet seats flow through covered drains into a biogas plant.It has constructed more than 7,500 public toilet blocks and 2 million private toilets, giving access to sanitation to 10 million people.General stores carry stock of a variety of products such as grocery items, soft drinks, toiletry products, confectionery, and stationery, needed to satisfy day-to-day needs of consumers, residing in nearby localities.Mamba's father can barely grow some maize and beans on it after toiling hard.The biggest advantage of such stores is in terms of convenience to the customers in buying products of daily use such as grocery items, soft drinks, toiletry products, stationery and confectionery.Trains, buses, taxis, hotels, hospitals, schools and colleges, libraries, cinema halls, theatres, beaches, swimming pools, public toilets, were all separate for the whites and blacks.

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