Trap example sentences

Once upon a time there was a man who went around selling small rattraps of wire.It is important to realise that these very gases are also responsible for the life on the earth as they trap the requisite amount of solar energy for the sustainance of life.This was a blessing in disguise, because the tender coconuts from the trees kept the trapped family from starving in the several days that followed.This is an example of what is commonly called debt-trap.Just as the glass in a greenhouse holds the sun's warmth inside, atmosphere traps the sun's heat near the earth's surface and keeps it warm.A part of the reflected radiation is trapped by the atmosphere.Most of the petroleum occurrences in India are associated with anticlines and fault traps in the rock formations of the tertiary age.''Now I am sitting in the trap and will never get out of it.The man with the rattraps did not answer anything to this.The oil and gas seeped into the porous parts of the rock, and got trapped like water in a sponge.This type of soil is typical of the Deccan trap (Basalt) region spread over northwest Deccan plateau and is made up of lava flows.This mechanism keeps the energy of the sun trapped in the greenhouse.When an insect lands in the pitcher, the lid closes and the trapped insect gets entangled into the hair.The government complex in New Delhi consisted of a two-mile avenue, Kingsway (now Rajpath), that led to the iceroy's Palace (now Rashtrapati Bhavan), with the Secretariat buildings on either sides of the avenue.They weren t very good on the trapeze and their acquaintance with animals was only at the dinner table, but they presented two plays in a most professional manner.

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