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Since the principles of mana-gement are not as exact as the principles of science, their application and use is not universal.Management is a universal term used for certain functions performed by individuals in an enterprise who are bound together in a hierarchy of relationships.Water, a universal solvent, possesses a very high dielectric constant of 80.But the idea that societies should be organised into 'nation-states' came to be accepted as natural and universal.In reality, therefore, it seems that it is only people with money who have the right to water – a far cry from the goal of universal access to 'sufficient and safe' water.Both these documents were committed to the inclusion of universal adult franchise, right to freedom and equality and to protecting the rights of minorities in the constitution of independent India.In Chapter One we read about the principle of universal adult franchise.These are universal moral claims that may or may not have been recognised by law.In other words, there should be universal access to water.One person, one vote,, one value In the last chapter we read about how the struggle for democracy was linked to the demand for universal adult franchise.In the United States of America, the blacks all over the country could not exercise the right to vote until 196 Those struggling for democracy wanted this right granted universally to all adults — men or women, rich or poor, white or black.There is no universal yardstick which specifies the level of ideal ratios.But as we learnt in Chapter 2, the pH of water is something that can easily be checked using universal indicator.One feature of the Constitution was its adoption of universal adult franchise.There is no standard list of the levels universally acceptable, and, in India, the industry averages are also not available.

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