Wag example sentences

The minimum wages are revised upwards every few years.They are registered by the government and have to follow its rules and regulations which are given in various laws such as the Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Shops and Establishments Act etc.a large crowd of weavers emerged from their homes and marched in pairs up to the mansion of their contractor demanding higher wages.Laxmi's family is now able to earn some extra income through wages.These people work in firms as workers and earn wages.The capital goods which are also generated in the production process also enable their producers to earn income – wages, profits etc.This meant that New Delhi had to have better water supply, sewage disposal and drainage facilities than the Old City.In the drive for profits, they might deny workers their rights and not pay them wages, for example.When workers are poor or powerless, the fear of losing future earnings or facing reprisals often forces them to accept low wages.Wages vary widely from region to region, from crop to crop, from one farm activity to another (like sowing and harvesting).Private companies, contractors, business persons, in order to make higher profits, resort to unfair practices such as paying workers low wages, employing children for work, ignoring the conditions of work, ignoring the damage to the environment (and hence to the people in the neighbourhood) etc.In the eyes of the law it is illegal or wrong to deny workers their wages.For instance, when prices rose sharply during the prolonged Napoleonic War, the real value of what the workers earned fell significantly, since the same wages could now buy fewer things.Like other such labourers, Kishora found it difficult to meet his family's needs from the wages that he received.Let Wi be the wages and salaries received by the i-th household in a particular year.

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