Wan example sentences

He wants to sell shoes in the market and buy wheat.He only wanted a chance to sleep here in the forge and then sneak away as inconspicuously as possible.(with emphasis) Do you live here alone? And if I don't answer? You've got enough sense not to want to get hurt.We want to do things in the way we want to do them.Three months in the prison on Blackwell's Island was what he wanted.Besides even when they wish to serve the people, they may not know what is required to do so, or their ideas may not match what the people really want.Suri Nambuthiri, desperate to find a partner for himself, finally marries a poorer relation from the same family and goes away pretending that he has married Indulekha! Chandu Menon clearly wanted his readers to appreciate the new values of his hero and heroine and criticise the ignorance and immorality of Suri Nambuthiri.Ours! You can go on proving it for two days on end, you can go and put on fifteen dress jackets, but I tell you they're ours, ours, ours! I don't want anything of yours and I don't want to give anything of mine.Therefore he did not want to undeceive him all at once.“Finish your painting soon for I want to see the last leaf fall.As human beings we can control our behaviour the way we want.The colonial government wanted to rule over a settled population.As soon as they got up from the table he went around to each one present and said thank you and good night, but when he came to the young girl she gave him to understand that it was her father's intention that the suit which he wore was to be a Christmas present — he did not have to return it; and if he wanted to spend next Christmas Eve in a place where he could rest in peace, and be sure that no evil would befall him, he would be welcomed back again.Would you do that for me, Jim dear? I just want to hear your voice again.The exporter wants this document to be sure that there is no risk of non-payment.

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