Weak example sentences

Financial analysis focusses on the facts and relationships related to managerial performance, corporate efficiency, financial strengths and weaknesses and creditworthiness of the company.Laws that are weak and poorly enforced can cause serious harm, as the Bhopal gas tragedy showed.You have already read that the pi (?) bond is a weaker bond due to poor sideways overlapping between the two 2p orbitals.The task of management is to make people work towards achieving the organisation s goals, by making their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.In weak electrolytes there is equilibrium between the ions and the unionized electrolyte molecules.Though financial analysis is quite helpful in determining financial strengths and weaknesses of a firm, it is based on the information available in financial statements.This results in smaller area of contact and therefore weak intermolecular forces between spherical molecules, which are overcome at relatively lower temperatures.The equilibrium moves in the direction of formation of weaker acid and weaker base because the stronger acid donates a proton to the stronger base.However, the income method, though useful, has several weaknesses.However, the correlations between life events and susceptibility to any particular illness is low, indicating a weak association between life events and stress.“Forgive me!” said the bearded man in a weak voice, when he saw that the king was awake.However, unlike mineral acids like HCl, which are completely ionised, carboxylic acids are weak acids.For every weak entity type, a separate relation is created by including its attributes.Pesticides and other pollutants such as hydrocarbons and toxic heavy metals destroy the weak and sensitive species.Yet the Constitution makers thought is was necessary to write down certain clear provisions to prevent exploitation of the weaker sections of the society.

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