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The subcontinent held immense wealth and the possibilities for people to carve a fortune.It was believed that a loss of treasure would impoverish the nation and deplete its wealth.In Bombay, Parsis like Dinshaw Petit and Jamsetjee Nusserwanjee Tata who built huge industrial empires in India, accumulated their initial wealth partly from exports to China, and partly from raw cotton shipments to England.Even when a country achieves economic growth, will wealth be distributed in such a way that all citizens of the country will have a share and lead a better life? Is economic growth in democracies accompanied by increased inequalities among the people? Or do democracies lead to a just distribution of goods and opportunities? Democracies are based on political equality.Wealth can be stored in the form of money for future use.One described the wealth looted from the Mughal treasury as follows: sixty lakhs of rupees and some thousand gold coins, nearly one crore worth of gold-ware, nearly fifty crores worth of jewels, most of them unrivalled in the world, and the above included the Peacock throne.One of the pioneers of the subject we call economics today, Adam Smith, named his most influential work – An Enquiry into the Nature and Cause of the Wealth of Nations.Brought up in a cruel workhouse (see Figureure 6), Oliver was finally adopted by a wealthy man and lived happily ever after.The colonial flavour of world cricket during the 1950s and 1960s can be seen from the fact that England and the other white commonwealth countries, Australia and New Zealand, continued to play Test cricket with South Africa, a racist state that practised a policy of racial segregation which, among other things, barred non-whites (who made up the majority of South Africa s population) from representing that country in Test matches.Cargill is now the largest producer of edible oil in India, with a capacity to make 5 million pouches daily! In fact, many of the top MNCs have wealth exceeding the entire budgets of the developing country governments.While globalisation has benefited well-off consumers and also producers with skill, education and wealth, many small producers and workers have suffered as a result of the rising competition.Second, a new distinction between the wealthy and poor pastoralists developed.These companies with huge wealth, power and reach can manipulate the market in various ways.The wealth of China is used to profit the barbarians.The Delhi Improvement Trust was set up 1936, and it built areas like Daryaganj South for wealthy Indians.

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