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Distressed weavers wrote petitions to the government to help them.Similarly, weavers such as the Saliyar or Kaikkolars emerged as prosperous communities, making donations to temples.Weaver's cooperatives are one way to reduce the dependence on the merchant and to earn a higher income for the weavers.English and European companies stopped buying Indian goods and their agents no longer gave out advances to weavers to secure supplies.Earlier supply merchants had very often lived within the weaving villages, and had a close relationship with the weavers, looking after their needs and helping them in times of crisis.Then, by the end of the nineteenth century, weavers and other craftspeople faced yet another problem.There are several types of cooperatives possible such as farmers cooperatives, weavers cooperatives, industrial workers cooperatives, etc.The weavers and their families spend long hours working on these looms.Over time many weavers began refusing loans, closing down their workshops and taking to agricultural labour.Produced by machines at lower costs, the imported cotton goods were so cheap that weavers could not easily compete with them.The invention of the fly shuttle made it possible for weavers to operate large looms and weave wide pieces of cloth.In a weaver's cooperative, the weavers form a group and take up certain activities collectively.The weavers live in villages around and take the yarn supplied by these traders to their homes where the looms are located in sheds adjacent to their houses.We have seen how British manufacturers attempted to take over the Indian market, and how Indian weavers and craftsmen, traders and industrialists resisted colonial controls, demanded tariff protection, created their own spaces, and tried to extend the market for their produce.Most of them were shepherds, some were blanket weavers, and still others were buffalo herders.

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