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This brought in unwelcome publicity to the introvert Duttada.It seemed to her that the old hills were standing in a row to welcome her.As soon as they got up from the table he went around to each one present and said thank you and good night, but when he came to the young girl she gave him to understand that it was her father's intention that the suit which he wore was to be a Christmas present — he did not have to return it; and if he wanted to spend next Christmas Eve in a place where he could rest in peace, and be sure that no evil would befall him, he would be welcomed back again.Asaf Jah brought skilled soldiers and administrators from northern India who welcomed the new opportunities in the south.What causes the movement of air, and what decides whether this movement will be in the form of a gentle breeze, a strong wind or a terrible storm? What brings us the welcome rains? All these phenomena are the result of changes that take place in our atmosphere due to the heating of air and the formation of water vapour.While many welcomed his decision, some did not like it.The inhabitants, his old neighbours and their grown up children, prepared to welcome the renowned commander.He lives in Welcome Mazdoor Colony, a slum habitation in East Delhi.Initially, in many places such as Holland and Switzerland, as well as in certain cities like Brussels, Mainz, Milan and Warsaw, the French armies were welcomed as harbingers of liberty.Wherever she went, the tall grass rose to embrace her, the flowers bloomed to amuse her and the wind sang an endless song of welcome.I was craning my neck trying to follow the hunt when suddenly I heard from my feet a distressed chitter of recognition and welcome, and Mij bounded on to my knee and began to nuzzle my face and my neck.Here the shepherds were welcomed by Konkani peasants.A few months later, the telephone lines of the big bosses of Madras buzzed and once again we at Gemini Studios cleared a whole shooting stage to welcome another visitor.“He walks and walks the whole year long, and there is probably not a single place in the whole country where he is welcome and can feel at home.Welcome to our Museum of Ancient History, and to my department — curiosities of the good old, far-off twentieth century.

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