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This usually happens in respect of share issues of well-managed and financially strong companies and is said to be a case of 'Over Subscription'.The instrumental perspective suggests that the physical environment exists mainly for use by human beings for their comfort and well-being.You may have also felt it yourself or seen a friend unable to speak a word of a well-memorised and rehearsed speech before an audience.Instead, there is a free market in gold in which the price of gold is determined by its demand and supply coming mainly from jewellers, industrial users, dentists, speculators and ordinary citizens who view gold as a good store of value.It said that well-todo persons among the backward classes should be excluded from getting the benefit of reservation.The principle of non-discrimination extends to social life as well.Though the landowner doesn't treat her well, she continues to work for him since she can get loans from him when in need.The percentage of seasonal as well as chronic hunger has declined in India as shown in the above table.They may wish to serve the people as well, but it is risky to depend entirely on their sense of duty.Why, how can you? Guess is a dog; as for Squeezer, well, it's too funny to argue.You touch a hot stove, your fingers pull away quickly, and your eyes well up with tears.In the capacity of the business leader the global manager has to be alive to changing business situations and customer priorities he has to keep track of the trends in outsourcing and have the ability to envision upcoming opportunities as well as potential risks.Legal environment includes various legislations passed by the Government administrative orders issued by government authorities, court judgments as well as the decisions rendered by various commissions and agencies at every level of the government— centre, state or local.The government can spend some money or banks can provide a loan, to construct a well for her family to irrigate the land.The quality of life of an individual as well as of society is adversely affected.

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