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This means devoting your complete attention to whatever you are doing.Since parties are the most visible face of democracy, it is natural that people blame parties for whatever is wrong with the working of democracy.Her first journey — what careful, painstaking, elaborate plans she had had to make for it! She had thriftily saved whatever stray coins came her way, resisting every temptation to buy peppermints, toys, balloons, and the like, and finally she had saved a total of sixty paise.He was an amazing actor he never aspired to the lead roles but whatever subsidiary role he played in any of the films, he performed better than the supposed main players.In order to hold price constant at any particular level, however, one must assume that the suppliers are willing to supply whatever amount consumers will demand at that price.Whatever people like, and should have, they will be able to get with greater income.The worry is that the role of money in politics will reduce whatever little voice the poor have in our democracy.are not shown as assets, whatever amount of stationery is bought in an accounting period is treated as the expense of that period, whether consumed or not.Whatever doubt James may have had about Sir John's efficiency were quickly dispelled when he reported for the conference and found that all the experts listed by him were there.When I walked through what used to be my house after school that day, I was shocked to see how much damage there was — whatever hadn't burned was destroyed by the water and chemicals they had used to put out the fire.Top Management: They consists of the senior-most executives of the organisation by whatever name they are called.Priestley hypothesised as follows: Plants restore to the air whatever breathing animals and burning candles remove.They permit the person to think of different answers to the questions or problems in terms of her/his experiences, whatever these may have been.As pasturelands disappeared under the plough, the existing animal stock had to feed on whatever grazing land remained.Whatever be the circumstances, the dabbawallas never get delayed even by a few minutes.

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