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But the novel emphasises that all this must be achieved without sacrificing the traditional values of the middle-class household.Without this confidence, a currency will not be used as an international medium of exchange and unit of account since there is no international authority with the power to force the use of a particular currency in international transactions.Two or three weeks later, grubs become cocoons and lie without food or activity for three weeks more.However, you will observe the coal or charcoal in an 'angithi' sometimes just glows red and gives out heat without a flame.But why do we need elections? Let us try to imagine a democracy without elections.In asexual reproduction plants can give rise to new plants without seeds, whereas in sexual reproduction, new plants are obtained from seeds.These events are called 'disasters' because they cannot be prevented, usually come without any warning, and result in immense damage to human lives and property.Communication that takes place without following the formal lines of communication is said to be informal communication.Instead of the sour faces which ordinarily met him, the owner, who was an old man without wife or child, was happy to get someone to talk to in his loneliness.One might feel that it is much better to have one person take all decisions without any rules, procedures and meetings.It is utterly foolish to think that controlling could be accomplished without planning.He asked permission to stay, and the master blacksmith nodded a haughty consent without honouring him with a single word.They are created by natural processes without any human interference.A weak entity type always has a total participation constraint (existence dependency) with respect to its identifying relationship because it cannot be identified without its owner entity.But in a vast country like ours, where many places are still without postal facilities, this type of business has limited prospects.

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