World example sentences

Since India had the largest viewership for the game amongst the cricket-playing nations and the largest market in the cricketing world, the game s centre of gravity shifted to South Asia.India has trade relations with all the major trading blocks and all geographical regions of the world.T , radio and newspapers are a form of media that reaches millions of people, or the masses, across the country and the world and, thus, they are called mass media.How can you call that a world democracy? Farida: I am not talking about the relationship between different countries.The worlds created by novels were absorbing and believable, and seemingly real.They are not people who have no place in the modern world.India is presently one of the least energy efficient countries in the world.The First World War on the 'eastern front' differed from that on the 'western front'.The areas where the warm and cold currents meet provide the best fishing grounds of the world.Most people in India, like anywhere else in the world, follow different religions.How did Indian cultivators respond to their entry into the modern world of international commerce and trade? Let us look at the history of one crop – opium – to get an idea of what colonial rule meant to peasants, and how the market operated in the colonies.As the social worlds of these groups altered so too did their beliefs.India entered the world of Test cricket in 1932, a decade and a half before it became an independent nation.Globalisation means the integration of the various economies of the world leading towards the emergence of a cohesive global economy.Egyptian cotton, famous worldwide is grown in Egypt.

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